So THIS Happened


A few months ago I had a fender-bender.  I really think this lady did a stop-and-squat on me.  Meaning, she purposely stopped so I could run into her.

There were a few scuff marks on my car and mere paint chippings on hers so no-harm-no-foul, right?  To the contrary, I was amazed when I asked her how she was doing she weakly sated,” My neck.”  People, I wanted to hit her in her neck, but good judgement prevailed.  Oh, and when the police came and we both got out of our cars, she suddenly developed a limp!  Really?!?  I tapped your car lady!  Ol’ stupid head!  But at this point I just thought the whole thing was just a bad (and played out) joke more than anything.

When the officer asked for my proof of insurance, I gladly handed him my card.  You see, I know I pay my insurance.  Humph!  Don’t mess with me!  Say what, officer?  Expired?  No, it’s not – oh, it is.  Well, let me check my purse.  It’s got to be in my purse somewhere.  No, it’s not in there, officer.  What’s that, officer?  (Notice my tone is a little humbler now.) You say I must have my new insurance card with me at all times?  And if I don’t I am fined and a court date is automatically scheduled for me?


And just as he handed me my ticket, all three pieces of my flip phone (Shut up! Yeah, flip!) slipped from my hand and spread across the street.  I looked at the ground and laughed.  Needless to say by the time I made it to work I was biting nails; and it didn’t help that by now everything on my to-do list was now deemed an emergency by the work gods.  You can imagine at this point I wanted to stand on my desk and scream, “Attica!  Attica!  Attica!”

Instead, I called my mom…good ol’ momma.  She would know what to do.  She listened and consoled me; I sniffed and hung up the phone.   After what seemed like a long while, 4:30pm finally came.  I drove home without incident, went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.  My mouth was downcast and the gleam in my eyes was gone.  I turned to leave my reflection when I remembered I had two chocolate bars in the fridge.  I yanked them out, slipped into my pajamas, and dove into bed.

I cut on the TV and lo and behold the Disney movie, Frozen, was playing.  Just what I needed…let it go, girl, yes, yes, let it go.

So I closed my eyes and I did.

A Wonderful Spring Day

Okay, this post is just celebrate having and enjoying a wonderful spring day.  Not gonna bore you with a lot of words…just enjoy!

Wonderful local art on display…

Spring Day 115 Spring Day 116  Spring Day 123 Spring Day 125





Beautiful sunshine casting its rays on our great downtown architecture…

Spring Day 128 Spring Day 127 Spring Day 126 Spring Day 118





and last, but not least, great people everywhere you go!

Spring Day 137 Spring Day 133 Spring Day 131 Spring Day 113




Can’t get any better than that!



Image by Microsoft

Image by Microsoft

Before I begin this article, let me first say that I have loved TV from since I could remember.  I believe it all started with Sesame Street, then cartoons (Popeye, Bugs Bunny and The Superfriends were my favorites).  Next, I graduated to The Little Rascals and Leave it to Beaver reruns.

My family teased me about my love of TV.  If I was into a program, you could do nothing short of give birth or set yourself on fire before getting my attention.  At first, this embarrassed me and I would deny that it was true.  I was not a TV-aholic!  But alas, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem or that you don’t have a life.  So I’m here to say…Good morning.  My name is Dita and I am a TV-aholic.

I thought nothing could separate me from one of the loves of my life.  Not until in recent years with the gamut of trash put out by the powers that be, that is.  You know what I’m talking about.  You can’t ignore them because they’re everywhere – Housewives of This or That, Snookie ‘Nem, Ba-Ba Kids and Love, Hip-Hop and Thugs Galore.  If I see one more fight with hoochie mammas and baby daddies!  And I could of bet you good money that Jerry Springer was cancelled, but as of the publishing date of this article, nope!  And that guy that comes on who scours the web for the most ridiculous, nastiest and foulest videos ever?  Ugh!  I purposely don’t use his name because knowing him, he’d probably love it.

And even the children’s cartoons are weird and downright obnoxious.  And before anyone asks the question – How does she know if she wasn’t watching these shows herself – it’s because I was watching these shows!  At least momentarily…that’s how I know they are so bad and horribly awful.  What can I say, curiosity got the best of me but common sense ruled.  Click.

What just happened?  People, that is the sound we should make to let the puppetmaster know that we have a brain, morals and class.  So when their stations produce programming worthy of our attention and time, then we’ll check back with them and not before.

Occupy TV, ya’ll.

Who’s Got Next? – Christian Keyes

Provided by Google Images

Provided by Google Images

Far be it for me to relegate a human being to eye candy or beefcake.  We all know we are – speaking specifically about the male counterpart – much more than that.

BUT isn’t it amazing how someone you’ve never met (and will never meet) can just ooze sex appeal???  That’s what I thought about Christian Keyes, an up and coming actor.  I saw him first in Tyler Perry’s play Madea Goes to Jail on DVD.  I’m just gonna say it – I pushed rewind more than once just to see him and his bare chest.  Umhum, sure did!

But thankfully, he’s very talented and seemingly very humble too.  Most recently, I’ve enjoyed him on BET’s Let’s Stay Together playing a character named Troy.  According to an interview on he’s planning more projects in the future.  Gotta luv that!

Sexual Cannibalism

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A while back, I was watching Nova on channel 10.  Could you believe PBS had a program on about sexual cannibalism?  Alright, alright, it was referring to the insect world, but I have to admit I was thrown off guard.

Insects like the Praying Mantis and the Austrailian Redback spider (females) actually eat their sexual partners – while in the sexual act itself!  The Redback is so extraordinary because the male literally offers himself by flipping over on to the bigger female.  He begins to copulate and she begins to feast.  Wow!

So then I began to think, how similar this is to some human relationships.  How many times have we watched a strong, capable man offer himself willingly to his love and she turn around and scratch his eyes out?  Hey, I’ve got two ex-sisters-in-law that would fit that description perfectly.  But even more than that, I have a male friend who is married and has children.  He works, cleans up, cooks, takes care of the kids while this woman either sleeps all day (claiming to be sick – no one is sick that much) or is on the phone all day gossiping.  He can’t have friends.  She doesn’t like them.  Can’t have a good relationship with his own family either.  She’s intimidated by them.  But oh, he must LOVE her family and jump at every wish – of hers and theirs.  Epiphany.  She’s eaten him up.  Devoured him.  And if he doesn’t watch it, he’ll be nonexistant in his own eyes since he’s obviously nothing in her’s.

Sexy, Sexy Barry

Provided by Google Images

Barry is so sexy to me ya’ll!!  Who is Barry?  It’s what they used to call Barack when he was in college, that’s what.  Yeah I said it, he’s sexy.  I know to some I’ve almost blasphemed but they’ll get over it.  Back to the subject at hand, Barry.  Disclaimer:  from henceforth President Obama will be referred to as Barry.  When you see Barry, know that, yes, I am talking ’bout the President.  Saying ‘President Obama’ is a little unsexy and wordy, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway, have you noticed his walk?  It’s actually a swagger  He is long, lean, and muscular.  Did you see those pictures?  Umhmm…He is very smart, a little nerdy even but I get that.  Intelligence has always gotten my attention.  He has perfect teeth even if he does have smoker’s lips.  Thank goodness he quit.  I don’t mind though, it gives him character.  And you know what’s so funny?  I’m not a political person at all.  Nope.  I heard everybody gasp.  Calm down.  No, I don’t think one man can solve the problems of the world.  I try to be a spiritual person and therefore believe deeply that it will take someone bigger and better than us to get it right.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t do what we can to improve what we can or make an impact on others.  But don’t believe the hype – we can’t do anything we want. If that were true, I’d end suffering, hunger, wars, death, sickness, and cancel Dancing With the Stars TV show.

So love politics?  No. Love me some Barry?  Yessssssssssss.

Citibank is a Predator

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This is a rant, plain and simple.  Okay, almost a year ago today my eldest brother died.  My mom was his closest adult kin.  He was divorced with two minor children.

Anyway, in the process of taking care of his business we found that he had mortgage insurance.  For those of us who are not aware of it, mortgage insurance is taken out just in case the homeowner(s) die.  If such is the case, then the mortgage will most likely be paid in full.  Simple, right?

Nope.  We begin the process of calling the mortgage company first.  We get connected to a Christina at Citibank – which was probably not her real name.  She gives a laundry list of things to do among which I clearly heard her say “probate court.”  Isn’t that where you go when there are questions about who the property of the deceased goes to?  We didn’t have those questions.  His property would go to his 17-year-old child on June 10, 2012 when she turns 18, that’s who.

In fact, Christina was so bold as to write a letter that listed the instructions in it just in case we forgot.  I know she could probably tell we hadn’t ever done anything like this before, but you know, we were smart enough to ask questions before making major decisions.  And ask questions we did.  We talked to a kind lawyer (They do exist!) who graciously told us that neither probate court or for that matter anything on Citibank’s list was needed.  In his words, insurance is insurance.  Meaning, a call and a death certificate should get the ball rolling.  At the very most, there will be a few forms to be filled out as a matter of record.  That’s it.

So my question to the audience is what in the world was Citibank up to?  I can only think that Christina of Citibank was trying to get my mother to sign my deceased brother’s house over in her name so she would be responsible for the mortgage instead of getting it totally paid off.

I am only writing this blog so others won’t fall for this okey doke.  This is predatory and insidious.  Times are tough and corporations are playing mean.  If someone is rushing you to do something, then say NO.  Then back up and ask questions to an independent source.

Needless to say, we got the information we needed.   Now my niece and nephew have their inheritance.  Have any one of you guys had similar experiences?  Let me know.