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What I’m Watching on TV

When I realized that I hadn’t written an entertainment piece in a while, I began to think about what was good on TV. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve grown weary of the programming that many are flocking to. As a matter of fact, I’ve found myself in a veritable mixed bag of nuts as far as my TV choices go.


Hell on Wheels – AMC

I love Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount). You know one of the things I like the most about him? Honey, when he says, ‘c’mon!’ Let’s just say I like the sexy, one-syllabled, country-styled way that he utters it.

How I hate that this season is the last, but so far, that doesn’t mean the story line is suffering. I’m on my toes guessing still. Where are his wife and child? He’s already lost his first family. Please let this man have his dream of peace, a family, a dog, and beautiful house by the beach. I want this so badly for him.

But I’m wondering about the new female character, Mei. Due to the outbreak of war and avoidance of an unwanted marriage, she’s forced to run from her home in Asia to America, cross-dress like she’s a boy and work like a man. Where does she fit in all of this? You know Cullen and her will become closer before it’s all over with.


Devious Maids – Lifetime

I couldn’t see how they were going to continue this show after season one ended, but every week I am frantic if I haven’t set my DVR for eight o’clock on Monday nights. It gets twistier and twistier. Yep, I actually wrote that.

Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) is sleeping with the husband of the record producer she’s trying to impress; Zoila (Judy Reyes) is pregnant by her dead husband so her fiancé walks out on her at the alter; Marisol’s (Ana Ortiz) mysterious, gun-toting boyfriend has possibly broken up with her and never mind that he was once her maid; Rosie (Dania Ramirez) had just left her hot husband for her even hotter husband (watch the show to get the meaning of that)! Whew! Funny, ridiculous, and just plain fun!


Poldark – PBS Masterpiece Theatre

PBS slays me!

I so love PBS for a zillion reasons but I’ll just share one of them at present…Poldark. This is the new series on Masterpiece Theatre. The character Ross Poldark (played by Aidan Turner) is brooding, dark, and sexy. He’s really of the blue-blood stock but rebels on every level against it.

He’s prideful and stubborn but with high morals and a big heart. Sigh and swoon! He even rolls up his sleeves and works in the copper mine he owns; he marries his pretty kitchen maid, and doesn’t seem ashamed of it at all. So when his friend accidently kills his wife, of course he helps him escape. And when a ship wrecks on the shores of his estate, of course he rounds all of his workers and villagers – who are poor – and encourages them to pick up the food and goods washed up shore. Of course this means drama! And of course, this means I’ll tune in next season to see where this picks up!

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Finale

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

What a season!  Hate that it’s came to an end already.

First, let’s see…Thomas has mooched his way back into D.A. And not only that, maybe took over Bates’ old spot as valet to Lord Grantham.  How’d he managed that, you ask?  How ‘bout he stole L.G.’s dog (Isis) and was going to pretend to find her so L.G. would appreciate him so much that he would just have to change his mind about him.

Only, Thomas couldn’t get to the dog in time and unbeknownst to him some village child brought the dog back first.  L.G. notices Thomas on his way back to the house early the next morning. Thomas had gone out looking for Isis, but after he notices someone had released her, he falls trying to get back before he was missed.  Now, he’s dirty and has a ripped coat and all.  So when Isis comes running up to a stunned Thomas and L.G. ask him where had he been, he answers that he was out looking for the dog and fell.  Well, L.G. is impressed and says so.  Later, L.G. tells Carson that he’ll try Thomas out temporarily as valet.  Oh snap!

Sybil has written that she is pregnant.  Countess of Grantham (Cora) finally tells hubby that the only right thing to do is to invite them both back so they can all be together.  L.G. begrudgingly agrees.

And poor Carlisle, he just can’t make Mary fall in love with him. He and Matthew even pass blows!  L.G. steps in and it’s quickly over. Carlisle concedes; he recognizes that he’s lost.  Of course this means he will expose Mary and Bates to the world.  Fortunately, Mary had talked it over and confessed all to her father but this was only after Cora softened the blow by telling him first.

L.G. tells Mary that better to be exposed than marry a man she can’t love or respect.  He encourages her to go to America and live with her grandmother until the storm is over.  Funny thing though, I don’t think Carlisle will go through with his threat.  He actually loves her.  And plus Mary did apologize to him before he left.  That’s next season, of course.

Bates is found guilty but is given a life sentence.  That means that there is hope for an appeal.  Anna will stay on at D.A.  If he had gotten the death sentence, she was prepared to go to America with Mary.

Finally Mary and Mathew get together!!  Although I still don’t like her, I do like him.  So I want his character to be happy.  Is that weird?

Yeah, I know!  See ya!

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 6

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Thomas got what was coming to him!  He acquired a lot of store goods – probably from an iffy source – and intends to start his own store.  Mrs. Patmore tries him out, for free, of course, and it turns out that most of the foodstuffs are ruined.

Thomas is distraught and devastated.  Awww!  He’s so humbled that he comes crawling back to D.A. even after Mr. Carson lets him know that he can’t stay at D.A. too much longer since the convalescence home is gone.

Speaking of Carson, he turns down the new job offered to him from Carlisle after Anna reports that Carlisle tried to bribe her to keep an eye on Lady Mary.  Lady Mary is disappointed and confronts Carlisle on it.  In an odd twist, she’s also mean to Carson.  She doesn’t deserve Matthew.

Matthew has renewed his engagement to Lavinia since his health is recovering nicely.  But now, Violet is the one stirring the pot.  She confesses to Matthew that Mary is still in love with him and tries to get him to do something about it.  To add insult to injury, Lavinia catches Matthew and Mary kissing.

This has a devastating affect on Lavinia.  It shows up when half of the household comes down with the Spanish flu, including her.  She’s so in love with Matthew that it’s as if she gives up on life so Matthew can be with the one he really loves.  Matthew, being the loyal chap he is, is racked with guilt and deeply saddened.

There’s plenty of misery to spread around at this time.  Mary is bitter than ever; she feels trapped by Carlisle.  Bates has been taken off to jail for the murder of his wife.

And last but not least, amidst it all, Sybil has said yes to Branson.  They had planned to elope but not before Mary, Edith, and Anna interrupt them.  Lord Grantham is livid.  But in the end, he knows he’s lost the battle and gives them his blessing.

Or could it be that L.G. himself feels a little hypocritical since he and Jane, a maid no less, was on a verge of a torrid love affair! Before anything could happen, they both came to their senses and Jane leaves D.A.

Wow!  Loved it!  See ya next time.

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 5

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Well, well, well.  What a tangled web we weave.

Did anyone catch the nice shiner Mr. Bates had on his cheek when he came back from trying to reason with his crazy wife?  He even told Anna that it went very badly.  Later, he gets a telegram informing him of his wife’s demise.  Did he reason with her a little too much, you think?

Daisy is basically still mourning.  She’s racked with guilt and refuses the widow’s pension because of it.

A new boy’s in town or should I say the old one.  Patrick Crawley, who was supposed to have died on the Titanic and was the previous heir to D.A., is back.  He claims to have been pulled out of the Titanic wreckage, suffered amnesia, took on the name of Patrick Gibson and somehow joined the military in Canada.  He’s been burned badly and so is unrecognizable.  In fact, Edith is the only one who believes him.  He soon leaves after he doesn’t get the reception he thinks he should.  Edith is devastated.  She was after all in love with him.

Mathew is being pushed around in a wheelchair and thus feels even more of an invalid.  Mary is determined to be of assistance to him which makes her fiancé, Sir Richard, jealous.  Sir Richard shows a sliver of his true colors by threatening her if she betrays him in any way.  Ugh!  That’s a bomb waiting to go off, people.  Can Mary fall out of love with Matthew, especially since by the end of this episode he was showing signs of gaining feeling back into his legs?

The two baby mommas – the two maids:  one an actual war widow and the other, Ethel, not so much if ya know what I mean – both have different lifestyles.  The war widow is respected and helped but Ethel struggles in every way.  There seems to me some chemistry between Lord Grantham and this widowed maid.  I’ll have to wait and see on that one.

All right, peeps!  See ya next time!

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 4

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Quick update, gang.

Vera Bates’ initials aren’t V.B. for nothing.  She is very bad, very bold and very bitter.  She comes back to D.A. to wreck havoc on her estranged hubby and any who stands in her way, namely Anna.

That plan is stalled when Mary makes a deal with the devil in the form of Sir Richard Carlisle.  She promises to marry him if he finds a way to squash the story that Vera is set on divulging which would expose the Crawleys to the world.  Vera’s tricked into signing a gag order but still pledges revenge on Bates.  A woman scorned…

Things wouldn’t have gotten so bad if O’Brien would not have written to Vera informing her of Bates’ whereabouts.  She and Thomas don’t like Bates.  In the end when Vera’s actions threaten her own livelihood, she realizes her foolishness.

Poor William has died but not before marrying Daisy.  He thinks of her even on his deathbed – he wants her to have his pension to fall back on.  Daisy is racked with guilt.

Matthew is now paralyzed.  Like his injuries, his feelings are raw; he is overcome with self-pity and sadness.  He releases Lavinia from their marriage proposal, especially since he can neither walk or have children.  He feels he would be useless and a burden.

Branson seems to be making headway with Sybil.  They have a near-kiss at one point.  Will she run away with him?  My opinion – love alone ain’t always the answer.  It’s gonna take a whole lot more to make that thang work!  Anywho…that’s it, gang.  Those are the highlights.

Great stuff!

See ya next week!

Downton Abbey – Season 2, Episode 3

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Episode 3 of D.A. was very interesting to say the least.  The war (WWI) has turned everything on its head and people are leaving, coming, missing and declaring their dying love.

Case in point:  The secret about Mr. Bates has come to light.  So much so that Lord Grantham goes to Bates to find out what’s going on, to ask his forgiveness and beg him to come back to D.A.  Of course, Bates promises to come back but isn’t quite forthright about why he left.

After returning, Bates and Thomas resume their hate-hate relationship.  In fact, Thomas seems a little afraid of him.  But O’Brien tries to reassure her Thomas that there’s no need to worry since they have something on Bates now.

William and Matthew are missing in action.  This disturbs everyone, including Daisy and Mary.  Daisy feigns it’s because she’s just concern.  Mary keeps a stiff upper lip, barely.  However, to everyone’s delight, both William and Matthew show up unharmed.

And Mrs. Crawley has been released from duty at the convalescence home.  She’s more miffed than anything because everyone seems to be ignoring her authority and not consulting her at all.  This is a welcomed change, especially where Lady Grantham is concerned.

One of the maids has been thrown out.  She was caught with one of the officers!  She does come back – humbled, teary-eyed and all rotund and sway-backed.  Now I really want to know how that will end!

Lastly, and most interestingly, were Sybil and the chauffeur, Branson.  Branson was not let go even after he declared his love to Sybil or after his silly attempt of humiliating a military commander.  But he just can’t keep his mouth shut.  Once again he presses the issue – he loves Lady Sybil and he just knows she loves him.  This confuses Sybil.  Is she in love with him, really?  Mary puts the pieces together and threatens to tell if she doesn’t watch her step.  Hmmm….wanna see how that ends.

Catch you next week!

Downton Abbey – Season 2, Episode 2

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

First of all, congrats to D.A. for winning the Golden Globe for best TV movie or miniseries!

Secondly, let me spell out the highlights of episode 2:

I just knew it!  Thomas and O’Brien team up again.  In a way, they are secretly running D.A – mostly through O’Brien’s controlling Lady Grantham and Thomas’ sly maneuvers. Since D.A. is turned into a convalescence home for officers, someone with medical and military experience was needed to oversee the home.  As a result, Thomas is now managing the house under the supervision of Lady Grantham and Isobel Crawley.

Mr. Lang has a bad case of post traumatic syndrome and has had to be relieved.

Branson was forcibly removed from service before he could douse a high-ranking military officer with slop while at a D.A. dinner one evening.

Anna has walked Bates down.  Not a difficult thing to do since he’s moved back and not so far away.  Seems he’s left his wife and now has grounds for a real divorce.  Anna offers to be his mistress, but like the real gentleman he is, he tells her to wait.

The Dowager Countess of Grantham and Lady Rosamund tries to discredit Matthew’s new fiancé, Lavinia Swire, but Mary won’t have it.  She (Mary) learns the truth about a scandal Lavinia is in and stays loyal to her.  We see her character arc in a pleasant way indeed.

But talk about a character arc – Lady Edith!  She flounders because she doesn’t have a purpose.  But when the convalescence home opens, she becomes the unsung hero.  But not for long, her praises are sung at an important dinner and everyone knows all.  The middle child finally gets her due.  Awww

Not as riveting as last week, but just as awesome all the same.

Stay tuned.